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My Angels (My Life and Hapinnes)
I am Juvy Sumalinog, the sole owner of this blog. I am happily married and I have two gorgeous kids- Nickole and Zelhwyn. I am a work-from-home mom, a full time housewife and at the same time a hands-on mom. I am just an ordinary mom who wants only the best for my family (Well, I guess every mom would want this as well). As much as possible, I want to live a simple yet happy and healthy life.

I have been working virtually for more than three years now. I do blogging, SEO related projects, content/ebook/article writing, short story/fiction writing, article spinning, and a lot more. At first I was hesitant to take online jobs, but then, as time goes by I learned to love working online. You know why?

Well, by working online, I get to hit many birds at a time. First, I get to earn a living that is well enough to support my family. Second, I get to learn new things each day and I get to hasten my acquired knowledge as well. Third, I get to do my responsibilities as a mom. Fourth, I need not to worry about what office attire to wear the following day. (Minimizing laundry loads.. hahaha). Fifth, I need not to stress myself with the 8am to 5pm work load added with extreme traffic when going back and forth to the office.

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn a dime without having to leave the comfort of your home? Well, these are just some of the reasons why I have chosen to stay as a work-from- home mom.

Many times I meet people asking the essence of blogging.  Why do a lot of people enjoy blogging? Well, there are certainly a variety of reasons why people blog. But as for me, I am blogging for leisure. Of course I have a pretty tight schedule (work, family, home, self). Because of my busy schedule, I tend to forget going out with my friends or even going out of the compound simply taking a break. 

I was looking for ways to somehow socialize without having to go out somewhere else. And I found blogging a great way to loosen up from stress and boredom. For me, it’s like a way of sharing my thoughts, expressing myself and somehow de-stressing. I want to inspire people and to somehow share some valuable information with them.  

Why I chose a health niche? 

I was never a healthy kid. Since childhood, I have experienced suffering from a variety of illnesses. Charge to experience, as they say, I don’t want my kids to experience what I had gone through before. This is why, I treat my family’s health as among my top priorities. 

I am not fond of using OTC and chemical based medications for my kids as well. I mostly rely on natural medications. I want to be of help to people looking for natural medications for their specific health problems. This is why I come up with a health niche blog. 

What contents can you expect from On Living Healthy

Although the main focus of this blog is health, I will also write about some other topics. From time to time, I will be posting contents related to family, travel, relationships, food, fashion and many others.

I hope you will find this blog useful. You are very welcome to roam around. 

Should you want to read more from me, please feel free to visit my page on HUBPAGES.

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