Thursday, February 13, 2014

Practical Guide for Children Cough

Cough is an action the body takes in order to get rid of particles that irritate the breathing passages. This is the reason why a child’s cough has not to be absolutely stopped right away. Coughing for a day may be considered as the body’s normal way of clearing the lungs. If cough is being alleviated immediately, you are preventing your child’s lungs from taking away the bacteria and irritants that may have been the cause of the cough. However, if the cough lasts for more than a day, this may indicate a further infection. In such case, you may try some of the do it yourself cures listed and explained below to help ease your child’s cough.

Keeping your kid's room humid 

If your child’s cough takes place during hot season, it is important that you make your child’s room a bit cooler and humid. Dry and warm temperature may aggravate your child’s cough. That is why it is recommended that you keep your home’s atmosphere most especially your child’s room always humid and clean. You may also try to use a humidifier or a vaporizer to increase moisture in the air. Just be sure that you always maintain a thoroughly cleaned vaporizer or humidifier as bacteria and molds may thrive in an untidy vaporizer which may worsen your child’s cough. If vaporizer is not available, you may also have a steamy bathroom. Run a hot shower for a couple of minutes until you attain a steamy environment. Let you child stay at the steam bathroom with you for several minutes. You may also add some essential oils like eucalyptus, menthol and pine oil for more soothing benefits.

Gargling with salt 

You may also include salt water in your list of home remedies. Gargling with salt water may help alleviate cough and may reduce your child’s agony. Before allowing your child to gargle the salt water, it is vital that you teach him how to properly execute gargling. In this way, you may prevent your child from swallowing the salt water or perhaps prevents him from being choked up.  To prepare a salt water gargle, just mix half a teaspoon of salt and a cup of warm water; stir well to thoroughly dissolve the salt. You may also try to add some freshly squeezed lemon to add taste or add a bit of ginger extract for a more soothing effect. 

Soft aromatherapy massage 

Gently massage your child’s chest, back and throat using a topical decongestant. This certain remedy can help relieve congestion and thin up the mucus lining, leaving a more soothing effect. 

Essential oil

Spraying some essential oil into the air while the humidifier is steaming may also help alleviate your child’s cough. I may as well help in minimizing congestion.  You may as well use essential oil when giving your child a soft aromatherapy massage. Among the most commonly used essential oil that are known to be very effective in soothing cough are peppermint, sage, lemon, oregano and eucalyptus. You may use them individually or mix them together. 

Rest is still the best remedy

And lastly, allow your child to have a complete rest. Resting does not necessarily mean sleeping all day long. Relaxation is very essential for a sick child to recover as quickest as possible.

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