Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cholesterol Myth Exposed

Cholesterol is not always a bad guy. In fact, enough amount of cholesterol in the body is vital to man’s health. However, anything that is beyond the needed amount of cholesterol in the body can be risky as it can lead to heart disease. Here are some of the common myths most people believe about cholesterol.

MYTH 1: Cholesterol Associated to Age

 A lot of people believe that heart disease caused by high cholesterol can only be experienced by older people. Contrary to common belief, young adults can also suffer from highcholesterol problems. People aging 21 years old and above are advised to carry out a cholesterol test once every five years in order to avoid future health complications and to prevent cholesterol related health risks.

MYTH 2: Cholesterol Associated to Exercise

According to the folktales, exercise alone can totally eliminate excess cholesterol. However, doing regular physical exercises does not guarantee that your cholesterol level is normal. There are a lot of factors that can affect levels of cholesterol in the body. The medicines that you are taking may contribute to the increase of cholesterol level. Cholesterol levels can also be influenced by factors like genetics, weight, lifestyle, diet, gender and age. 

cholesterol-level-myth-3MYTH 3: Cholesterol Associated to Weight

Most people believe that only overweight and obese people are susceptible to high cholesterol problems. Well, people with excess body fats tend to be more prone to health issues caused by high levels of cholesterol. But that is not always the case. People who have proper weight shall also be concerned about having high cholesterol level.

MYTH 4: Cholesterol Associated to Antioxidants

Contrary to popular conviction, taking a lot of antioxidants like vitamins C and E is not enough to trim down cholesterol level. To be able to successfully reduce cholesterol levels, you have to couple taking antioxidants with enough exercises, healthy eating habits and modification of lifestyle.

MYTH 5: Cutting Down Levels of Cholesterol is Unhealthy and Precarious

Natural cholesterol produced by the liver is needed by the body. Yet, too much production of cholesterol can result in health complications like heart disease.

MYTH 6: Cholesterol and Red Wine

Some people think that drinking two glasses of red wine everyday can help you steer away from heart diseases. Well, red wine if taken moderately can help increase good cholesterol. However, drinking alcohol daily can also be harmful to the liver. Alcohol is known to be high in calories and taking it regularly can increase blood pressure.

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