Thursday, February 20, 2014

Miracle Food That Can Lower Your Cholesterol Fast

You are certainly what you eat. Eating sensibly is one best way to lower down your cholesterol level fast. There are lots of miracle foods that can help you bring cholesterol down to its knees. However, there is one food that trumps them all and that is rice bran oil. Rice bran oil has been known for its great anti-cancer effect. Now, it is one of the highly prized anti-cholesterol miracle foods.

What is in it?
Rice bran oil has two powerful components that make it a very good food against low-density cholesterol. Oryzanol and tocotrienol helps people manage their bad cholesterol levels by reducing it while maintaining a healthy level of high-density lipoprotein or good cholesterol. Tocotrienol can be found naturally with vitamin E. It is one of the most powerful natural vitamin E component found in the world. Rice bran oil is abundant in the chemical alpha tocopherol- a part of vitamin E which is an excellent anti-cancer chemical.

What is the proof?
There have been 40 studies finding how beneficial rice bran oil is to human health. The studies conclude that rice bran oil shows a promising effect in lowering bad cholesterol in a hamster study. Anti-oxidant food manufacturers are often using rice bran oil to provide more stability. In fact, the American Heart Association’s study showed that a combination of sesame and rice bran oil is beneficial in lowering blood pressure and in lowering levels of bad cholesterol. The combination works nearly like prescription medication for blood pressure and cholesterol. Even with medication, it can provide far better results. A decrease of 26 percent in bad cholesterol and at the same time a minimal increase in good cholesterol was noted just by using the oil.

What are the other uses of rice bran oil?
Rice bran oil consumption has become very popular in Japan. It has been used in making baked goods and cereals. Japanese women also use rice bran oil to moisturize their hair and remove blemishes on their face. In fact, tempura restaurants have shifted to rice bran oil as the primary frying oil.

Eating the right kind of food will help you become healthier. It is very important that you religiously take prescribed medication together with exercise and under close supervision to keep your bad cholesterol level down. There is certainly no short cut in keeping your blood cholesterol levels down. You can be healthier if you change your lifestyle accordingly.

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