Friday, June 20, 2014

Staying Healthy Tips for Grown Ups

It is certain that prevention is better than cure. With this, we can say that among the best ways to stay healthy is to prevent diseases from afflicting you. And one way of disease prevention is by having a healthy lifestyle and proper diet. Should you be looking for better ways to help avoid getting diseases, included here are some tips you can be able to use in your journey towards staying healthy.


Good and Healthy Foods

It is a common advice to eat only healthy foods. Good foods traditionally include healthy foods that contain essential vitamins and minerals like fruits and vegetables. Eating an abundant amount of fresh fruits and raw vegetables daily can help you avoid getting infected with diseases. Also, you need to switch usual intake of red meat into lean meat. Good sources of lean meat are the chicken meat and fish. 


Cut Back on Caffeine

One of the common sources of caffeine that people used to take daily is the coffee. If taken in a moderate amount, coffee can be of great help. It contains antioxidant that can help slow down aging process. However, anything taken more than the recommended amount can be harmful. Excessive intake of coffee can lead to dehydration, constipation and nervousness. It can also cause sleep disorders like insomnia

Other sources of caffeine that has to be taken moderately are soda and chocolate drinks. Drinking soda and chocolate beverages can be refreshing and stimulating at once. However, if taken in excessive amount can lead to having sleepless nights as well as chronic disease like diabetes.


Smite Your Cigars


Smoking cigarettes can never be good for the health. Regular cigarette smoking can cause a variety of diseases, varying from a simple skin discoloration to chronic diseases like lung cancer. For someone who wants to stay healthy, he should avoid smoking cigarettes as early as possible before it is too late.

Sleep Well


Many people may not know the real importance of a healthy sleep. Sleeping is indeed among the most important things people must do. When your physical body is asleep and resting, your internal body organs do their respective functions. 

Digestion for instance, takes place mostly during sleeping time. Deprivation of sleep can lead to insomnia, digestive disorder and malfunction of other body organs. Also, studies have shown that insufficient amount of sleep can lead to obesity and kidney failure. It is very essential to take at least 8 hours of good sleep per day in order to stay healthy.

Being healthy and staying healthy is very important. However, a lot of people try to take for granted their health simply because they believe that they are well to go without being healthy. Some others disregard doing things that can help them maintain a healthy body because they think it is just a waste of time or perhaps they do think that they do not have enough resources to buy the necessary things for maintaining their health. These conventional beliefs that most people in the modern world still embrace are the reasons why there are a large number of people died per minute because of various illnesses.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

6 Natural Herbs That You Can Easily Add To Your Diet

The health benefits of herbal plants have already long been known for centuries. Not only that herb can help naturally cure certain diseases, but it can as well be used in keeping your health at the optimum level. Adding some herbs to your diet regimen can be among the very best ways of maintaining a healthy body. There is actually countless number of natural herbs available today. Here are some of the effective natural herbs that you can easily add to your diet.


Garlic is among the common spices that we use in our daily food preparation. This natural herb does not only help enhance the taste and texture of your dish but can as well provide you with a number of health benefits. It is widely used as a natural antibiotic and a natural cure in reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. It is also good for the heart and is an excellent herb for protecting the arteries as well as in lowering risks of having cancer. It helps fight and kill viruses like influenza and common colds. 


Oregano works miracle on relieving digestive and respiratory problems. It can also help treat skin ailments like eczema and yeast infection.


Cloves are known to be a good wound antiseptic. They are also beneficial in treating indigestion and loss bowel movements. Also, cloves act as a deterrent to free radicals.


Turmeric can easily be added to your diet and to your food preparation. Turmeric has active anti bacterial, antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.


Rosemary can help enhance memory and boost proper blood circulation.


Ginger is known for its therapeutic uses and effects. Ginger, as well, can be used as an effective acne remedy. It works as a calming agent which can help soothe acne inflammation. It also works best in the alleviation of nausea associated with motion sickness and morning sickness. It is also beneficial in treating diarrhea and in reducing flatulence. It can help aid proper digestion and neutralize hyper acidity.

With the modern technology we have today, we cannot deny the fact that a lot people prefer to choose over the counter medicines rather than using the traditional herbs and spices. Also, most people of today’s generation choose taking instant foods like fast food, canned goods and instant noodles rather than consuming fresh and raw vegetables, herbs and fruits. Because of this diet trend, studies have revealed that diet related health problems drastically increased over time. This is why inclusion of natural herbs and spices in your diet is highly recommended.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Practical Ways of Keeping Your Tummy Flat After Pregnancy

Conceiving and bringing a baby into this wonderful world is considered the most wonderful thing that the body of a woman can do. In addition to that, bearing a baby is one of the most joyous experiences a woman can ever have. Certainly not all women are given the chance to bear a child. This is why anyone who got pregnant should really be thankful and feel blessed for the gift of life growing on her tummy. Joyful might it be, however, bringing a baby can also give us a number of concerns especially on our mid section. This at times can make our self-esteem declining over time.

The very first thing you should remember is to wear a belly band right after delivery. Wearing a belly band is one effective way of tacking your tummy back to its original shape. Belly band wearing is highly effective and helpful especially to women who had undergone a cesarean section. In fact, this particular method has been employed all over the world for generations. Not only that it will do favor in shaping back your tummy but it can also helps the uterus shrink back to its original place. It can also help in reducing water retention.

The food you eat plays a very vital role in your journey towards redeeming your pre-pregnancy body shape. Eat only food that is healthy for you and can also help you shed some extra fat. You do not really have to eat less and to keep yourself starving for you to shack some pounds. This will certainly not help you especially when you are nursing. Chances are, when you keep yourself starving just because you think it can help you lose weight, you will just end up eating more during mealtime thus would result in a more unfavorable scenario. You would not want this to happen, right? What you need to do is to be smart in choosing the food you will prepare and eat. Right choice of food is the key element. For instance, choosing white rice over brown, white bread over wheat bread and potato over sweet potato. Avoiding fatty meats will also do you a favor.

Reduce red meat or better totally avoid eating some. Instead, find help with lean meats. Lean meats like chicken breast and fatty fish like salmon are very healthy to eat. Also include in your diet some fresh fruits and vegetables especially the green leafy ones. When cooking, you need not to sacrifice the taste of your food. You can use seasoning if you want to but just be sure not to use more than the allotted amount. Avoid taking caffeinated drinks like soda and coffee.

Eliminate beer and liquor as they contain high amount of unhealthy fats. Do not use commercial salad dressing for it has a great amount of fatty ingredients. Instead, try making your own salad dressing. The mixture of lemon, olive oil, salt, dried mint, cumin and garlic can make up a pretty delicious homemade salad dressing. As what I have said earlier, you don’t have to starve yourself. If you have a sweet tooth never deprive yourself of sweet treats. You are very welcome to eat your favorite cookies or perhaps take a bite of your most craved-for chocolate bar. But of course, since you are into a diet, you have to take sweets in moderation.

To help you complete your “feeling good” getaway, put on some make up. Wearing makeup does not mean putting on all those shimmering heavy makeup. A light makeup will do. Putting a bit of concealer, lip gloss and light mascara is enough to make you feel beautiful and to boost your self-confidence. Well, wearing of makeup may not help you with your weight trimming down goal but it can certainly make you feel better despite your concern with your pooch.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

100 % Natural, Proven and Effective Ways of Relieving Constipation

Regularity of bowel movements certainly varies from one person to another. If a person is experiencing bowel movements rather than his normal routine, he may be suffering from constipation. Constipation is characterized by infrequent bowel movements, difficulty passing of stool or passing small amounts of hard and dry stools. Constipation really is distressing. A person suffering from constipation will also likely to experience a bloated and upset stomach. 

To help you cope up with your constipation problem, I have enlisted herewith some of the effective home remedies for constipation.

Constipation can be remedied primarily with modification of diet. Poor diet and inadequate consumption of dietary fiber is the common cause of constipation. To combat constipation, you have to switch to a high fiber diet. Increasing the amount of dietary fiber to at least 20 grams to 35 grams per day will help you with your constipation problem.

Include in your daily diet fruits with edible skins like raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. Fruits with edible skin are known to have the highest fiber content. 

Also include in your diet foods that add bulk to stool. Whole grain products like whole wheat bread are very beneficial to the digestion process.

Detoxify by drinking enough water. Drink as much as 6 to 8 glasses a day. Water is essential for cleaning the system as well as dissolving food nutrients.

Eat raw guava early in the morning with an empty stomach. Guava is rich in fiber. It can add bulk to your stool. It also helps sweep away harmful toxins from the digestive tract.

Relieve constipation be taking two to four teaspoonfuls of castor oil.

Prepare two pieces of carrots and cut them thinly. Blend them in a food processor until fine. Add in half a cup of spinach juice. You may also add ice cubes to make a carrot-spinach shake. Drink them while fresh. This combination will give immediate constipation relief.

Drink fresh orange juice early in the morning with empty stomach. You may also choose to eat two to three raw oranges. Do this every day for about 10 days to alleviate constipation.

Drinking a glass of warm milk added with two teaspoons of almond oil every night for four days can also help constipation.

You can also use Epsom salt to remedy constipation. Simply mix in ¼ teaspoon of Epsom salt and half glass of pure water and then drink.

Another natural constipation remedy is the combination of orange juice and olive oil. To prepare, just combine half a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice and half a cup olive oil. Take this combination early in the morning to relieve constipation.

Taking two teaspoons of Blackstrap molasses just before going to bed can also help relieve constipation. You may also add molasses to a glass of warm milk or to your favorite fruit juice.

Do some regular physical exercises. Exercise will promote smooth and proper digestion. It can help in moving foods a bit faster through the colon, thus promoting regular bowel movement. 

Cabbage and carrot are very rich in dietary fiber. Eating raw cabbage and carrot can help constipation. You may also choose to prepare a freshly blended cabbage and carrot juice. Add in some honey or sugar to enhance texture and taste. This particular constipation remedy is very delicious and healthy.

Drinking prune juice can also help to manage constipation. Prunes are actually not a high-fiber food. However, they act as natural laxative and taking half a cup of prune juice can give you as much as 2.6 grams of fiber. 

Other fruits like papaya, pineapple and watermelon can also help keep constipation under control. They are rich in dietary fiber and are beneficial in digestion. Eating these certain fruits can give additional bulk to the stool. 

Also include green leafy vegetables in your diet; they are loaded with ample fiber.