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Various Health Benefits of the Miraculous Onion

Commonly used red onion
Imagine how your dish would taste without onion. Will your favorite meal still taste the same in the absence of onion? Well, onion is undeniably one of your kitchen’s best pals. It adds taste and good smell to your dishes such as stir fry, spreads, soups, salad, dips and other main dishes.

Onion comes from different varieties. Among the common varieties of onion are green, white, red and yellow. Each of the variety of onions has their own distinct flavor ranging from mildly sweet to very strong flavor. Each can be consumed in raw, cooked, roasted, dried and fried. However, onion is not just used for cooking purposes but likewise for medicinal purposes. In fact, onion has been traditionally used to remedy a variety of disorders and ailments. Among the common health benefits you can get out of using onion are discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.


Onion is good for diabetic people. The chromium content of onion helps decrease the insulin level in the blood. It likewise promotes glucose tolerance and helps manage diabetes.

Excessive hair loss

Hair loss

Hair loss can be remedied with onion juice. A clinical study has proven that regular application of onion juice can help you cope up with hair loss. Regular application can also stimulate faster hair regrowth. Simply extract the juice of fresh onion and apply it on your scalp at least twice a week. Do this remedy regularly for not less than 8 weeks to see the result.


Onion is considered as one of the home remedies for insomnia. Eating raw onion before going to bed can help promote better sleep at night. You may likewise slice some fresh onion and place some of the slices under your bed. The sweet smelling aroma of onion provides a soothing effect and can help relax your mind, making it possible for you to sleep well at night.

Immune System Booster

Onion is known to be a very potent immune system booster. The strong flavor of onion promotes proper blood circulation. It can also help the body defend itself against infections.

Urinary Tract Infection

Onion is also an excellent remedy for urinary tract infection. To prepare a UTI remedy, simply slice some fresh onion. Bring two glasses of water to a boil together with the sliced onion. Let the mixture boil until half of the water evaporated. Strain the mixture and let it stand for a couple of minutes. Drink the resulting fluid as soon as the temperature is bearable.


Constipation and Flatulence

Onion can be utilized as a remedy for constipation and flatulence. Adding plenty of onions in your dishes can help alleviate chronic constipation and flatulence. You may also choose to consume raw onion if you can bear its strong taste and aroma.

Good Appetite

Onion has also been proven to promote good appetite. It can likewise help prevent atherosclerosis.

Common Colds

Onion can also be used as an excellent preventive tonic against common colds. Taking two tablespoon of the mixture of equal amounts of freshly extracted onion juice and honey everyday can help prevent common colds. Eating it raw can cause sweating, thus greatly reducing fever. It can likewise loosen and liquefy mucus accumulation, making it easier to spew out mucus.

Bacterial Infection

The anti-septic properties of onions helps get rid of infection causing bacteria such as salmonella and E.coli.

Tuberculosis and Cough

Onion is likewise an effective remedy against tuberculosis, dry cough and other respiratory tract infections.

Sleep problems

Natural Sleep Remedy

Onion is one among the natural sleep remedies. Slice some onions and boil it with a cup of water. Breathe in the vapor while the mixture is boiling. The sweet smell of onions can help you fall asleep easily. You may also prepare an onion salad during the dinner. If you can’t be able to sleep at night, take some bite of fresh onion and see yourself doze off in a while.

Coronary Heart Diseases

Onion is likewise an excellent preventive tonic for coronary heart diseases. Eating raw onion everyday can help minimize detrimental LDL cholesterol and boost beneficial HDL cholesterol. Onions can likewise help correct thrombosis, thus preventing heart attacks to occur.


Onion is rich in iron. Regular intake of foods containing onion can help relieve anemia.


The anti-oxidant content of onions can protect you against cancer. It can help greatly reduce the DNA damage in cells which is brought on by free radicals and other toxic compounds in the body. The fructo-oligosaccharides found in onion can help stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria which helps fight against harmful bacteria that can cause cancer. Onion is also beneficial in greatly reducing the risk of developing cancerous cells or tumors in the colon.



Onion can also be used as a remedy for asthma. It has the ability to mimic the production compounds that helps relax bronchial muscles, thus minimizing asthma attacks.


The anti-inflammatory properties of onions can help reduce skin inflammatory infections as well as other inflammatory conditions just like gout, joint inflammation and arthritis.


Women who are fond of eating foods containing lots of onions have been proven to be of low risk of developing osteoporosis. A study has shown that onions contain a certain chemical compound that helps prevent the activities of breaking down bones. Women at their menopausal stage are recommended to increase intake of onions to avoid having osteoporosis and other age-related disorders.

sliced onion

Onions are among the very common spices that offer a variety of medicinal effects. Onions have long been traditionally used to treat various kinds of ailments and health problems.

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