Monday, March 17, 2014

Practical Ways of Keeping Your Tummy Flat After Pregnancy

Conceiving and bringing a baby into this wonderful world is considered the most wonderful thing that the body of a woman can do. In addition to that, bearing a baby is one of the most joyous experiences a woman can ever have. Certainly not all women are given the chance to bear a child. This is why anyone who got pregnant should really be thankful and feel blessed for the gift of life growing on her tummy. Joyful might it be, however, bringing a baby can also give us a number of concerns especially on our mid section. This at times can make our self-esteem declining over time.

The very first thing you should remember is to wear a belly band right after delivery. Wearing a belly band is one effective way of tacking your tummy back to its original shape. Belly band wearing is highly effective and helpful especially to women who had undergone a cesarean section. In fact, this particular method has been employed all over the world for generations. Not only that it will do favor in shaping back your tummy but it can also helps the uterus shrink back to its original place. It can also help in reducing water retention.

The food you eat plays a very vital role in your journey towards redeeming your pre-pregnancy body shape. Eat only food that is healthy for you and can also help you shed some extra fat. You do not really have to eat less and to keep yourself starving for you to shack some pounds. This will certainly not help you especially when you are nursing. Chances are, when you keep yourself starving just because you think it can help you lose weight, you will just end up eating more during mealtime thus would result in a more unfavorable scenario. You would not want this to happen, right? What you need to do is to be smart in choosing the food you will prepare and eat. Right choice of food is the key element. For instance, choosing white rice over brown, white bread over wheat bread and potato over sweet potato. Avoiding fatty meats will also do you a favor.

Reduce red meat or better totally avoid eating some. Instead, find help with lean meats. Lean meats like chicken breast and fatty fish like salmon are very healthy to eat. Also include in your diet some fresh fruits and vegetables especially the green leafy ones. When cooking, you need not to sacrifice the taste of your food. You can use seasoning if you want to but just be sure not to use more than the allotted amount. Avoid taking caffeinated drinks like soda and coffee.

Eliminate beer and liquor as they contain high amount of unhealthy fats. Do not use commercial salad dressing for it has a great amount of fatty ingredients. Instead, try making your own salad dressing. The mixture of lemon, olive oil, salt, dried mint, cumin and garlic can make up a pretty delicious homemade salad dressing. As what I have said earlier, you don’t have to starve yourself. If you have a sweet tooth never deprive yourself of sweet treats. You are very welcome to eat your favorite cookies or perhaps take a bite of your most craved-for chocolate bar. But of course, since you are into a diet, you have to take sweets in moderation.

To help you complete your “feeling good” getaway, put on some make up. Wearing makeup does not mean putting on all those shimmering heavy makeup. A light makeup will do. Putting a bit of concealer, lip gloss and light mascara is enough to make you feel beautiful and to boost your self-confidence. Well, wearing of makeup may not help you with your weight trimming down goal but it can certainly make you feel better despite your concern with your pooch.

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